Monday, March 9, 2009

So Excited!! My First Award!!

"The PREMIO DARDOS AWARD"acknowledges the value of every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literacy and personal values everyday.

Thank You so much Mandy!

I am passing this award onto the following:












(almost got 15 there tee hee, had to cut it a lil short, time to run errands..bills must get paid lol)

The rules are:

1. Accept the award, post it in your blog together with the name of person granted the award and his or her blog link.
2. Past the award to 15 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgement.Remember to contact them to let them know they have been chosen for this award'

Thanks again for thinking of me Mandy!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Random Freebie Again.. lol Ribbon Wrapped Ratan Buttons

You can download your random buttons at my 4shared...
PSP Format:
PNG Format:

Sweet, I finished my freebie before the kids got up this morning hehe... :o)

This freebie is yet another lil random design hehe There are 8 one of each color, I added a lil drop shadow to the preview to make it stand out a lil more. I have them both in PSP and PNG format for your preference.. I hope that you all can use them in some way ((hugs))

♥Thank you for taking a minute to stop by to take a peek at my designs, I appreciate it very much!!♥

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Uh oh!! Photo-tastic!!! hehe

I've been tagged by angelfaye!!! hehe You made me giggle when you said ok now who to inflict the pain on next ... too cute!! Oh how fun!! Thank you for including me hun♥
OMGoodness after I read what you have to do I was like Oh man!! Never know what your going to find on this puter of mine for sure!! hehe Especially since all the kids each have their own camera.. "Danger Will Robinson!" hehe
But....... I went to my 6th folder and to the 6th picture there and was like WHEW!! I lucked out, its one of my oldest daughters senior pictures that we took last year hehe...
SWEET!!! Its my turn to pass this on to 6 people......
There you go ladies, have fun with this!! Thank you again angelfaye!! ♥((hugs))♥

Another Random Freebie lol Ribbon Wrapped Ratan Frames Pack

Feel free to download your random freebie at my 4shared :o)

PSP Format:

PNG Format:

I just finished with another random freebie lol I call it random because I didnt know what I was goin to make until I messed around a little bit with my Anywho Here are 4 frames each a different shape, These are both in PNG and PSP format for your preference, I am having fun with these colors as you can tell hehe Thinking spring, thinking spring LOL I am sooo ready for it for sure! ok time for me to post this and quit rambling hehe...

♥Thank you all for taking a minute to stop by to take a peek at my designs, I hope you found somthing you liked!♥

~New~ Another Random Freebie, Colorful Stitched Ribbon Corner Eyelets Pack

You can download your random freebie here at my 4shared:
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PNG Format:

♥First I would like to take a minute to send out some HUGE Thank you's to all those who left comments. I love reading them and it definately motivates me to keep making those freebies for ya'll ((hugs))♥
As you can tell by the title uhhh yea I am not sure what these are called..hehe But I thought they were kind of cute, they match the ribbons I had made in the last post hehe I hope that they are something you might be able to use also ((hugs)) I was just messing around to try and come up with somthing new that I havent made before, so slowly but surely I am learning and getting the hang of making all the different things :o) I have them both in PNG & PSP format so please feel free to share the link to my blog with your friends, groups, forums etc.. :o)

♥Thank you so much for taking a minute to stop by to take a peek, I appreciate it everyone!♥

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

~New~ Random Freebie Colorful Stitched Ribbon Pack

You can go to my 4shared to download your ribbons, dont forget to leave some love, I love reading your comments ((hugs))
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PNG Format:

I was playing with some ribbon that I had made today and came up with some new corner stitched ribbons.. :o) In this pack there are 8 total in all different colors for whatever your project might be.. I love the colors on these ribbons bright and colorful, I am thinking spring summer already (i am sooooo ready for it I tell ya hehe) I have them in both PSP & PNG format as always for your preference :o) I hope that you enjoy using them, please feel free to share the link to my blog with your forums, groups etc.. All I ask is that you do not share the direct link to my 4shared, thank you for respecting my wishes I appreciate that ((hugs))

♥Thank you again for stoppin by to take a peek at my designs everyone!♥

Monday, March 2, 2009

~New~ St. Pattys Day Freebie Element Pack

If you like my freebie feel free to go to my 4shared and download my lil' element pack :o)
PSP Format:
PNG Format:

And here we go with another freebie for today hehe.. This is just a lil' bit of everything.. there are a couple frames, some 4 leaf clovers, some gems and a couple more ribbons etc... I hope that there is somthing in there might be able to use for whatever project you are working on :o) I have them both in PSP and PNG format for you all again so have fun with creating with my freebies everyone ((hugs))

♥Thank you all for stopping by to take a peek at my designs, I appreciate it very much!!♥